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Epson ProFocus Partner Portal


- Branded Partner Portal
- Admin CMS
- Dealer Marketing Resources
- Dealer Promotions
- VIR Program
- Installation Claims
- Demo Claims

Epson is a leading manufacturer in the printer, professional imaging, projector, scanner, system devices, and factory automation categories.

Epson utilizes Karrot to provide a branded partner portal for dealers to access marketing resources, view current promotions and enter sales claims.

Authorized dealer personnel can register online to access the Partner Portal. Once approved, users have access to marketing resources according to the product lines sold at their dealership. Users can easily view all current end user and sales incentive programs for each product.
Epson administrators by role have access to reports, add announcements, enter promotion details and manage users. With blob storage, Epson is able to share any type of file without size limitation.
Dealers have access to enter various type of sales claims from VIR to Demo Rebates.