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Our insights help build and inspire programs that engage to drive an audience towards a desired behavior. We impact bottom line success.

✓ Increase Sales
✓ Increase Engagement
✓ Increase Relevance

Generate Sales

For your business, what activities & behaviors are most meaningful to increase sales?

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Audience engagement

How are you engaging your audience to keep your brand top of mind and creating mindshare?

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Community & support

Are you creating a community and supporting those that matter the most to you?

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With Karrot, you have the ability to directly influence specific activities & behaviors.

If there are 5 activities or behaviors you want everyone to do, what are they? 

Now use Karrot to get everyone to do those!

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Go beyond just looking transactionally. How are you actually influencing and changing behaviors the last?

With Karrot, you create a customized program aimed at the behaviors that really make a difference to increase sales. Reward directly for each and every sale or purchase that is made.

What are the behaviors that lead to that moment? 
Use Karrot to motivate individuals to complete those behaviors.

After that specific moment, how do you repeat it? 
Use Karrot to motivate individuals to repeat those behaviors.


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Precision-targets to engage your users

Combine your data into a single location to view the individuals entire brand journey.

What are the inflection points and how do you emphasize them?

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Individuals have a choice which brand they engage with. Your competitors are after them just as you are.

How do you stand out from the crowd? How do take into account each individual point of interaction, segment your audience and personalize that interaction?

Use Karrot to personalize the engagement and keep your brand top of mind.

Building loyalty is more than just rewarding for each sale or purchase. It's a continuous process that forces you to keep adding value and relevance in your audience's life.

Create an online community to ensure dialogue and communication.

Use Karrot to motivate individuals to share, engage and provide feedback.

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It's not always as simple as build it and they will come. How do you foster the exchange of ideas, sharing of feedback, building of case studies and engagement? 

Using Karrot gives you an effective method of motivating individuals to participate in all sorts of activities including community engagement.

You will be able to measure the activity, reward for activity, recognize your contributors and build an engaging community.


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There are 3 factors underlying an individual's behavior:

Why Karrots

Why Use Karrot?

Karrot provides the motivation and trigger for a behavior. Your target audience my have the ability to carry out the behavior. Do they have the proper motivation to want to perform the behavior? Is there a trigger to prompt them to take the action?

The world's most innovative and successful brands trust Karrot

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