Frequently Asked Question

Here are some questions that are frequently asked. Have more specific in-depth questions? Feel free to reach out to us any time at

How much do you charge?

Karrot's fees will vary depending on the scope of work, type of program, scale and any applicable integrations.

It's a quick and easy process in order to obtain ball park fees, please email, and we'll be able to provide you some fees within 3 emails.

Are the rewards in the user’s currency?

Yes, the user will receive their reward in the currency of their residence and choosing.

How does Karrot obtain the user’s activity information?

There are a number of ways Karrot can be obtain user information. This will be based off the type of activity, access to data and integrations.

Some common ways we obtain user activity is via an API, file upload or user entry.

What about taxation?

Karrot a full service agency. If you elect, Karrot will handle all tax reporting on your behalf.

Can promotions be segmented by region and type of partner?

Yes, our platform is dynamic. This allows promotions to be segmented by region, country, dealer and user role.

How does a user view their activity?

The user can access the rewards platform at any time. They will be able to view promotions they are eligible for, activities they have been recorded and rewards earned

What happens if the user cannot access their reward?

Customer service for rewards is available 24/7/365. User’s will have access to support to ensure they have access.