From API access to a complete platform, Karrot is able to customize a solution to fit your needs and budget.

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Today's leading companies are striving to engage with individuals to impact their business. Karrot offers the tools necessary to increase engagement, keep your brand top of mind and be relevant. From strategy and design to API integration, Karrot gives you all the tools needed to power your business.

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Program strategy

We assist companies to developing a cohesive engagement and loyalty strategy.

Branded portals

Dedicated portals to engage your audience, drive engagement and provide direct incentives.

API Integration

Integrate your platform and use Karrot's rewards engine to drive engagement, provide an incentive currency and creative rewards.

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Points 4 Products & EPP

Allow an audience to purchase products at a discount.
Product ownership = brand advocacy!

Brand Ambassadors

Create brand evangelists in a subset of loyal individuals. With Karrot you provide a branded portal to engage your ambassadors with specific social activities.


Utilize Karrot's global fulfillment capabilities for retail store maintenance items, to procure and fulfill branded swag or promotion rewards, warehouse POP displays or enable B-Stock liquidation.

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Complete set of Karrots to motivate

Your Products

Include your own products and swag. This allows you to put your brand’s products into the hands of the sales associates recommending and selling it on the floor.

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Virtual Cards

Deliver Visa cards electronically directly to the recipient worldwide

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Merchandise Rewards

Catalog can include a handful of rewards to thousands of reward options.

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Branded Reloadable Cards

Brand a reloadable Visa card that remains in the purse or wallet of your program participant.

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eGift Cards

Karrot offers a vast array of retail and travel gift card options worldwide. Electronic gift cards can be fulfilled immediately in real-time to the recipient in an email that is customized to the brand.

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Direct to Bank

Deposit cash reward directly into an individual’s bank account available internationally.

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Travel Rewards & Events

Karrot can coordinate incentive trips for top sales people, live events and virtual live events.

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Full Service Agency

Karrot can handle all facets of the your promotion.

This includes:
- Development
- Registration
- Employment Verification
- Claim Validation
- Rewards
- Fulfillment
- Taxation
- Reporting
- Rules Development
- and more...

Karrot will handle the customer service regarding any issues or questions that arise from the program and reward fulfillment.

We  provide reporting on program participation, points awarded, sales claims, rebates and redemptions. Use of redemption information can be very useful when looking at additional training, product reinforcement ,etc.

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Karrot is a financial technology company, not a bank. Some banking services in the United States are provided by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC. Karrot’s Visa® Debit Cards in the United States are issued by partner banks, including Piermont Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc., and may be used everywhere Visa is accepted.