Take Your Brand Engagement to the Next Level

Our insights help build and inspire programs that engage and drive an audience to a desired behavior and impact bottom line success.

Use Karrot to motivate individuals to complete the behaviors and activities that are meaningful for your business.

The world's most innovative and successful brands trust Karrot

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Comprehensive Platform

You can customize Karrot's platform to your brand and your objectives to create real engagement and desired outcomes.

Create Conversations
Engage your audience directly with relevant content and foster a dialogue.
Acquire Data
Acquire sales, training,  compliance,  usage, achievement and feedback information real-time.
Actionable Intelligence
One system to acquire, distill and provide information that creates insights which leads to outcomes and impacts results.
View KPIs and measure information against objectives. View YoY, actuals vs targets and market share.
Integrated Rewards
Motivate individuals to modify their behavior and reward them with your own products.
Integrated Training
Provide a single source for online training and on demand marketing resources.