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With Karrot, connect directly with partners and create engagement.

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Create a personalized partner experience utilizing Karrot's platform

Why should you consider your partner's experience with your brand?

67% of purchases
Studies have shown 67% of purchases are influenced by the salesperson.
We can help influence the sales person so they recommend your brand.
87% sales increase
When sales associates are engaged with the brand, sales increase 87%
Engage and build loyalty in the sales associates that influence what people buy.
75% more likely to share
Engaged sales associates are 75% more likely to share a great product experience.
Get your product into the hands of sales associates recommending products to consumers.

Training programs

Training programs benefit from employee purchase plans

Generate immediate impact with employee purchase programs. This graph showshow a brand saw a 151% increase in train-ing activity when adding an employee purchase program as an incentive
= During EPP
= After EPP
engage directly

Connect directly with your partners and create personalized engagement

The partner platform includes a myriad of ways to engage, interact with and inspire partners including:

Online Community

On Demand Resources

Up to Date Promotions

Online Training

Latest Content and
Product Announcements

Integrated Rewards

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Actionable Intelligence

One system to acquire, distill and provide information that creates insights which leads to outcomes and impacts results.

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Acquire Data

Acquire sales, training, store compliance, marketing usage, achievement and feedback information real-time.

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Dynamic Partner Portal

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Multi-Concurrent Programs can be administered through a single platform. That allows you to have distinct promotions for partner type and product segment


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View KPIs and measure information against objectives. View YoY, actuals vs targets and market share.

Online Training & Resources

Provide a single source for online training and on demand marketing resources to improve the sales at each location.

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View the data in a centralized location via a dashboard and reports. Drill down or view roll up information.

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Create Informed Conversations

Engage your audience directly with relevant content and foster a dialogue.

Integrated Rewards

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Motivate individuals to modify their behavior and reward them with a multitude of rewards.

With Karrot, your brand has a personalized data driven partner platform

Ready to see the future of partner engagement?

Karrot's platform is dynamic. That allows you to run mutli-concurrent promotions for different partners or channel all through ONE portal.

Key Components are:
- User Experience
- Multi-program Support
- Channel Partner Incentive Portal
- Program Data
- Timely & Accurate Rewards
- Program Communications
- Loyalty Analytics